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MESSAGE For OUr important future colleagues
MESSAGE We will be moving on to a new stage from June 2016.
As the first step, we will have a new corporative identity and renew the entire website. We will make a fresh new start without changing the basis. All members would always like to move forward step by step.
“A priority factor that customers demand from restaurants is product.”
This is one of the values that Soh Group believes in. Therefore, we have been focusing very highly on the improvement of “product development ability” and “product reproducibility” in the past few years.
For example, we selected excellent chefs within the company and established a top creator team called “Onkochishin”, which consists of 6 members. They are required to face products seriously everyday and produce authentic products as the “product development specialist.”
We also carry out the Product Development Competition every year, which all members of staff can participate freely, to enhance the interest towards the “products” within the company and to feel the pleasure of improving themselves through friendly rivalry. These are all part of system for fostering a culture to “carefully handle the products the most.” As a company that plays an important role of creating the richness of each employee and as a professional involved in food as a whole, we have been asking ourselves how should we find our significance of existence in society. As we thought, we came to a conclusion that the key is also “the products must continue to develop.
Also, the managers who are in charge of stores manage each store as themselves being an executive of the store under a concept of “own shop management.” The circumstances surrounding each store differ from store to store even if they share the same brand name, and those who have the best understanding of the different circumstances one by one are each stores. For this reason, each manager manages “their own store” while building confidence and taking responsibility by giving them various decision-making powers. Of course, newly appointed managers have various pressures and many concerns, however, one of our aim is to produce as many “authentic restaurant manager” we can to society. Therefore, we believe that there should be a place where those newly appointed managers, who have big dreams and became our important colleagues, are able to seriously put in practice before they become independent as a manager in the future, and there is no point if there is no place for them to catch authentic affluence after they moved out from our company. As we continue opening new restaurants, we produce those who have experience in managing “their own store” and they will become the future candidates for restaurant executive. We would like them to aggressively utilise the current environment of Soh Corporation for their future.

We are planning to increase the number of new stores and irreplaceable colleagues during this term within the scope of not being disintegrated.

Our priority will not change and we don’t even see the need for a change. The Japanese economy as well as the environment surrounding the restaurant industry will become all the more severe. However, we will move forward together and try various things in this tough time.

These are some of our current and future activities of Soh Group.

We still need many more colleagues.

Those who have various worries in this restaurant industry.
Those who are lost in another industry and in search of a new way.
Those who are thinking of bursting into this restaurant industry with a dream.
And those who have a dream of playing active roles overseas near future.

I still have so many things that I would like to share with you and ask from you.
What we require is just one thing – we would like you to share our values.

Let’s step to a new world together.

I hope this message will serve as a trigger to many important colleagues who we still haven’t met but will do.

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